Corey Frye – ‘A French Frye in Paris’ Tour Guide Extraordinaire!


“Oh! To wander in Paris! Adorable and delightful existence! Strolling is a science, the gastronomy of the eye. To wander is to do nothing, to stroll is to live”.  – Honoré de Balzac, (Physiologie du Mariage, 1829)

French poet Charles Baudelaire conceptualised the term flâneur, describing it as a gentleman stroller, a casual wanderer of the many streets and arcades of a nineteenth century Paris, whilst gazing upon society and its kaleidoscope of life.  He could very well have been referring to Corey Frye; A French Frye in Paris, the highly sought-after tour guide.  I recently had the pleasure of experiencing five of Corey’s tours, showing me a fascinating side of Paris in a way I could never have experienced on my own. 


The idiom ‘to know a city like the back of your hand’ is a big statement but it is the phrase that comes to mind that best describes Corey’s extensive knowledge of the famous City of Lights.  His passion and enthusiasm for Paris is undeniable and it clearly shows as he amazes and mesmerises you with interesting historical, informative and sometimes obscure facts, on top of pointing out great places to eat or visit along the way.  He reveals details and secret spots that are unknown to some (if not most) of the locals and his ability to point out hidden details almost every step of the way is amazing and captivating. For two hours, you will be transported back in time as Corey paints a colourful picture through anecdotes of what it must have been like to live during historic periods, such as medieval Paris, the French Revolution, the Belle Époque and World War II.     

As well as possessing such remarkable and insightful knowledge, Corey is genuine and friendly with a great sense of humour that is refreshing and puts you at ease instantly.  By the end of the tour, I literally felt like I had been walking around Paris with a friend rather than a tour guide. The only disappointment is when the tour is over and you realise that you will now have to walk around Paris without Corey’s expertise and insight; rendering you once again oblivious to all of the city’s hidden secrets and mysteries.

Corey has single-handedly revolutionised the guided tour industry by being the first to offer unique, free, weekly live video broadcasts via Facebook. Corey‘s signature sign off, “If you can’t bring yourself to Paris, I’ll bring Paris to you” is exactly what he does. Every Saturday (5pm Paris time), by visiting the public Facebook group aptly called, ‘A French Frye in Paris’, you can be whisked away, allowing you to interact in real-time as Corey leads you through a new Parisian location each week. It’s also a great way to sample and get a feel of what his tours are all about. 

Straight after the walking tour, Patreon subscribers can then participate in a live private Facebook Café Chat with Corey that often feature a special guest who offer their own invaluable experiences, tips and passion for Paris.  Each Café chat is held at a different establishment which (as an added bonus) exposes you to a variety of places that you can pop onto your list of things to do and perhaps try for yourself.  Some of the Café Chats have fantastic views, (way too many to list!), some are quirky, (a cat café) and some exotic, (an absinthe bar).  How’s that for variety?

Patreon subscribers are also privy to many other benefits, including having access to a very active private Facebook community group, exclusive content and printable PDF maps of the live Facebook tours indicating all the spots visited on each walk. They were an invaluable resource that I used when planning my recent trip that allowed me to explore and see things I had no idea existed before watching the live tours.  

If you are interested in a tour that is definitely a cut above the rest, then A French Frye in Paris is what you have been searching for. One thing is certain, my future trips to Paris would not be complete unless l take at least one walking tour with Corey on every visit. 

Find Corey on Facebook at:

Or to book a tour:

Bisous de Paris 💋

14 thoughts on “Corey Frye – ‘A French Frye in Paris’ Tour Guide Extraordinaire!

  1. Bravo! Although I missed my scheduled tour with Corey due to the birth of his daughter, I have watched every live video and cafe chat, and have interacted with Corey enough to know that what you say is very accurate! He is funny, engaging, and knowlegeable. The fellow subscribers are a fun group to interact with. We learn a lot from each other, too!

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    1. Oh, what a pity you didn’t get to take a tour! 😔 Although, on the flip side, it’s a great excuse to go back to Paris! 😉 Thank you for your positive feedback – I really appreciate it.


  2. Well done, MaryAnn! I love how you have described Corey and the walks. Being around him is definitely like being with a friend! I have not taken a tour yet, but I have one scheduled on my trip later this month. I can’t wait! I did get to have coffee twice with Corey and loved listening to him talk about his love for Paris and his family. We have found a treasure in Corey!
    Your writing is c’est magnifique! I will be checking out your blog more often! Merci!

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  3. Hi Maryann

    I enjoyed the blog immensely, perfectly describes Corey’s tour guide business and his personality.

    Well done.

    David Borg

    Sent from my iPad

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    1. Hope I’m not duplicating my reply but better twice than never! I’m not sure why but I did reply however it’s not showing so here goes! Firstly, thank you for your feedback. When you contact Corey he will send you an email listing all of the tours he does with some information on what they entail which helps when you are trying to decide. If I had to choose , then I would say my personal favourite would be Montmartre because I loved the area and the finishing spot of the tour gives you a breathtaking view of he city and allows you to visit inside Sacré-Cœur on your own after the tour. Due to the queues, it would chew up too much of the tour time to do it with Corey. You can’t go wrong, you will love any of them. Enjoy! 😊

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  4. Thank you for your feedback. You really can’t go wrong with any of the tours but I think my personal favourite was Montmartre – it’s such a pretty area and you get the bonus of a great view of the entire city at the end of the tour. You can also visit Sacré-Cœur after the tour finishes. When you contact Corey he will email you a list of all of his tours and an idea of what they entail which helps you to decide. Hope that helps. 😊


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